To Be a Korean
Description The Koreans have managed something that is badly failing us. Imperceptibly into our lives came the words: Daewoo, Samsung, LG, Hyundai. South Korea lives among us but remains unseen.…

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Ananiev. Culinary traditions of the world, 978-5-98986-169-9 to order in St. Petersburg low price
shipping Methods: Regions of delivery: Ukraine Russia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Azores Albania Algeria American Samoa Angola Andorra Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Action Afghanistan Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Bahrain Belize…

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Korean hanbok

Such different women: Korea

Tashkent is a multinational city. Here you can meet representatives of the most different Nations and, as a rule, differences in clothes you will not see or almost never see.

However, each nation has its own traditions in costumes, due to cultural and social conditions. Have you ever wondered how were traditional dresses of Uzbek women . What costumes were worn by Korean girls . and how did the tradition to weave braids Russian women .

History of national costumes are very interesting, because not all of them stay in the past. Many of them are transformed into modern clothes and find their echo in the works of designers. We will tell you about how looked women of different nationalities – try to look at her roommate with a new angle!

Today we will talk about traditional attire of Korean women . National clothes of the Koreans is called a hanbok and consists of a skirt and the vest. If we translate the name of the costume in Russian language, then literal translation may amuse – literally “hanbok” means “Korean clothing” . simply and concisely.

Hanbok appeared centuries ago when the first plan was practicality and convenience. Because of vehicles in Korea were circulated of the horse, needed Continue reading

Pan-Asian cuisine in restaurants, bars and cafes of Kiev
Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev is definitely the new brand in cooking, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Asian cuisine has always attracted, Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions…


Skiing in South Korea. Ski resorts in Korea: Yong-Peng, Muggia, Sago, Baliwasan, etc
skiing in South Korea There are ski slopes, which has not yet begun to move in Primorsko fans of this sport. First, there just started the "fire" track from snow…