The Most charming kids at the children festival in Japan
November 15 or during the week, including November 15, everywhere in Japan you can see the incredibly charming, dressed in bright kimonos kids, hurrying with moms, dads, and grandparents to…

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Medical centers South Korea
Professional skills of Koreans have already gained recognition on a global level. Korean experts have proven themselves in the field of high technology, biotechnology, and other assets. One such area…

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Southeast Asia

The geographical position of South-East Asia. Natural resources. The population, demographic characteristics, ethnic and religious composition. Agriculture in the region. Foreign economic relations. Current recreation and tourism. General characteristics of the economy.

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Geographical position and natural resources of the countries of Eastern Europe. The level of development of agriculture, energy, industry and transport of the countries of this group. The population of the region. Intra-regional differences in Eastern Europe.

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General characteristic of the Republic of Bashkortostan: geographic location, historical development, natural resources, industry and agriculture. The population of the region, its dynamics and composition.Administrative-territorial division of the Republic.

Japan as an island state located in East Asia, with description of flag and coat of arms. Government and religion, the ethnic composition of the population and language climate and natural resources. The industry and agriculture of the country.

Geographical position, natural resources, transport infrastructure, economic potential of regions. The history of the settlement. Demographic characteristics, number and sex-age structure of population, ethnic composition, migration flows.

General economic and geographic characteristics of Asia. The role of foreign Asia in the world economy. Natural conditions and resources of China. Geographical location, India industry. Economic-geographical characteristics of Japan, external economic relations.

The geographical position of Latin America; political map. Natural environment: relief, climate, water and raw material resources, flora and fauna. Population, ethnic and language composition. Industry, agriculture, transport, tourism, interesting facts.

The geographical position and the level of socio-economic development of Asia. Form of government and the population in Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The study locations in the map of the South-West, East and South Asia.

Geographical position and climate of the Stavropol territory, mineral resources, flora and fauna. Characteristics of the population: the number, placement, national and religious composition. The development of industry, agriculture and transport.

The study of geographical situation, area, and composition of the Foreign States in Asia. Evaluation of countries by size of territory and level of development. Characteristics of the population of Foreign Asia, dynamic population characteristics; language groups, agriculture.

The geographical position of the Republic. The symbols of the state. The number and national composition of the population. Climatic conditions, natural resources, industry specialization, export and import, the country’s agriculture. The uniqueness of the rivers Wełna and Nelby.


Sexual customs of different countries - Health Magazine
Nigeria Warsaw on the occasion, an annual holiday that marks the end of the rainy season and the awakening of nature, young men from the tribe which belonged to the…


In the press
business Features in Central Asia The presidents of Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan in a few days will meet in Tajikistan with a view to, inter alia, to discuss the project…