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Medical centers South Korea

Professional skills of Koreans have already gained recognition on a global level. Korean experts have proven themselves in the field of high technology, biotechnology, and other assets. One such area is medicine. Hospitals in Korea use the most advanced high-tech equipment, highly qualified medical staff.

Than known medical centers Korea?

Korean medical centers feature a high quality service, friendly and attentive attitude to patients. In hospitals are medical coordinators, whose work aims to make the hospital stay as comfortable and foreign patients do not feel discomfort during the examination and treatment.

Established system of hospitals in Korea

Due to the adjusted system of work of hospitals, patients are quickly recognizing the results of their survey. on the basis of which is the necessary treatment, with subsequent stay in the rehabilitation centers aimed at a speedy recovery. Thus, a person can in the shortest time to return to normal life.

High diagnostic accuracy

High precision diagnostics and treatment in South Korea allows you to identify the cause of the disease, accurate diagnosis and proceed to a focused treatment.

In addition to the treatment in Korea . are popular integrated program of medical examination. Thanks to the efficient organization of the service process and the availability of a full range of services, the patient can undergo all the necessary tests to learn their results and receive medical advice in a day.

Technical equipment of medical clinics in South Korea meets international standards, highly specialized hospitals and centers successfully cope with the most challenging diseases in Oncology. neurosurgery. cardiology. gynecology. gastroenterology. surgical orthopedics and ophthalmology .

Korean traditional medicine

In addition to Western medicine in hospitals South Korea effectively used traditional Korean medicine. whose history goes back over 2000 years. The approach to the treatment of diseases in traditional Korean medicine can be called holistic, the human body is considered as a microcosm, and seeks to establish a balance within it. Traditional Korean medicine works at the crossroads of modern Western medicine. Such cooperation generates undoubtedly positive effects.

Inspection and certification of medical facilities in Korea

To ensure the highest level of service for foreign patients independent state bodies carry out rigorous assessment and certification of medical facilities, both public and private. Korea is proud of the fact that the level of survival of cancer patients in the country one of the highest in the world, in addition, the results of surveys of the Korean Association of health, in Korea the world’s highest percentage of accuracy in the diagnosis of cancer. Korea is the first country on the use of robotic surgery during operations. Korean surgeons were the first to use the Da Vinci for surgeries of prostate cancer and thyroid cancer.


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