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Pan-Asian cuisine in restaurants, bars and cafes of Kiev

Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev

Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev is definitely the new brand in cooking, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Asian cuisine has always attracted, Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions are true supporters all over the world. However, Asian cuisine does not cease to amaze us with its variety and culinary abilities, constantly discovering something new. Today this new is pan-Asian cuisine. The only correct decryption of pan-Asian cuisine, some of them only classifies the countries of South-East Asia and South Asia, some supplements them China and India, and some of them classifies, and Japan. However, the cuisine is primarily Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Korea. It was the kitchen of these countries are in the world culinary revolution, better known as the pan-Asian cuisine.

Pan-Asian food

Interest in pan-Asian cuisine can be explained by the fact that all products of the cooking process and retain its flavor and useful properties. For pan-Asian cuisine is characterized by a peculiar method of preparation. Hot food is cooked in a deep wok. Wok can even be considered a kitchen tool, method, technology of cooking. In this versatile skillet and fry dishes, and soar, and cook. Due to the rapid heat treatment, the dishes retain all their vitamins, nutrients and give a natural flavor.

For pan-Asian dishes are characterized by fresh food, low percentage of fats, a variety of aromas and flavors. The main products in pan-Asian cuisine are rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, seafood, which in combination with various spices and sauces can satisfy gourmets.

“besides, pan-Asian food is a healthy food and a healthy lifestyle have long been in trend ” well said Olga Nasonova, Director of the company «restaurant consulting”.

Traditional pan-Asian dishes is the EBI San warm salad with shrimp and vegetables, tofu and spicy sweet chili sauce; Tom Kho Gai soup based on coconut milk with chicken and straw mushrooms; gyneco soup is a soup based broth Ramen with beef tenderloin and noodles with the addition of celery and Chinese cabbage; Japanese gyoza dumplings; Hye salmon; pork or chicken in sweet and sour sauce.

Pan-Asian restaurant

Rapidly growing interest in pan-Asian cuisine. Open new restaurants, restaurant menus appear exotic dishes of the new cuisine, which quickly finds its fans. Lovers to try something new and different is mostly pan-Asian restaurants . In our time it is important to know in advance what to expect in a particular institution, to prevent disappointment. This assistance will be Advisory network CityFrog where you will find all necessary information about the capital’s leading institutions, will be able to appreciate their decor and menu, read reviews visitors. If you notice negative sides of a particular institution – the slovenliness of the rooms, the coldness of employees, etc. – registered visitors about this write. Because we primarily focus on the fairness and credibility.


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