Skiing in South Korea. Ski resorts in Korea: Yong-Peng, Muggia, Sago, Baliwasan, etc

skiing in South Korea

There are ski slopes, which has not yet begun to move in Primorsko fans of this sport. First, there just started the “fire” track from snow cannons, and, secondly, about such places almost nothing is known. Meanwhile, Korean resorts – and we are talking about them – a long time favorite of respectable citizens of South-East Asia . At the Swiss level, Asian (i.e. low) rates and full set of tourist pleasures .

The ski season in Korea lasts from December to March . and at this time, ski resorts across the country are overflowing with fans of winter recreation.

Currently, in Korea there are about thirteen ski resorts: six in the Gangwon province, five in the province of Gyeonggi-do, one in the province Chungchongbuk-up, and one in the province of Chollabuk-up.

Most snow falls in the province of Gangwon-do . which is famous for its excellent snow and beautiful mountain scenery . The famous ski resort Yong-Peng . probably made the largest contribution to the development and promotion of winter sports among Koreans. The resort was opened in 1975 on the slopes of mount Balancan (elevation 1,458 m above sea level), every year on average receives about 250 cm of snow. It happens that the season lasts until early April.

On the territory of the resort complex, spread over 1700 hectares, has a variety of activities and entertainment, and a variety of housing options (including housing rental). It offers and Golf courses .

The ski resorts of the province of Gyeonggi-do are very well – are all within two and a half hours ‘ drive from Seoul. Many people come here even after the end of the working day on night skiing.

In the province of Jeollado ski slopes are only at the resort to Muggia . This resort is famous for the stunning scenery of Luchando and joined to the foot of the mountain Dogusan, covers an area of 700 hectares. Here were the Intercollegiate Winter sports to Muggia 1997, as well as a variety of international competitions. At the resort, Muggia is possible not only to ski, there are also many additional equipped areas for relaxation, including a toboggan run . outdoor hot spring and 18-hole Golf course .

Great ski base in the province Sago Chungchongbuk to attracts tourists of all ages for its amazing tourism attractions: nearby hot spring, Suanbo . hike to mount Woraksan . boating on the lake Chungjuho along Danan Phalen is a place called “Eight scenic spots”, to be in the area of limestone surrounding Danan .

Ski resorts in Korea offer a wide range of hotels of different class . There are restaurants, cafés and fitness centers, and beginners courses on skiing . available in rent ski equipment . People come here all year round, in the vast territories the best deals on entertainment in any season of the year, including Golf, swimming and tennis.


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