The Dagestan wedding, Caucasian traditions

Every nation has its own traditions and customs, and most striking and beautiful of them belong to the wedding ceremony. It is believed that Dagestani weddings are pompous: hundreds of guests, loud music, colorful outfits, folk dancing, plenty of food and drinks, and much more. Observance of rituals is the main component of a traditional Dagestani wedding.

In today’s world many traditions have been lost, the influence of European culture and the Muslim religion influenced the wedding ceremonies of the Caucasian republics. Part of the population adheres to religious canons, the other tries to make the wedding theater show. And, unfortunately, it affected that the Dagestani wedding customs are rare in the process of marriage. However, they all have similar features.

Before playing a wedding, it is necessary to observe the rite of engagement, which includes matchmaking. The groom with his entourage goes to the bride’s house with gifts, where proposes to her. After receiving a positive answer, solved day to process the Nikah (Muslim marriage), and young people go to the registry office to apply. Arranged after the noisy festivities in honor of this joyous event, and from next day, start the wedding preparations. By the way, in most Daghestanian families money for the wedding begin to lay as soon as the child was born.

In the Caucasus there was a tradition that Dagestani weddings are in a few days. While satisfied with two separate celebrations: the bride’s family and groom’s family. This is due to the fact that the bride’s parents traditionally are not able to attend the wedding of his daughter. But what a loving parent you will be able just to give his daughter in marriage? Several centuries ago in connection with it was celebrated two weddings – male and female.

Thus, both sexes would not be embarrassed during the fun. At the end of the celebration the groom picked up his bride and take her home. Today it is accepted that two is assigned the date of the wedding, the interval between them is week. The first wedding is celebrated in the bride’s home, which attracts all her relatives and friends (as a variant, it can be a restaurant).

On this day, with the young girl as if to say goodbye at home. The second wedding is a day a formal marriage. On this day, the bride is accepted in her family, the groom’s relatives. Redeem her parents, and she gathers all her dowry, to go to a new home. The celebration can last for several days. This separation allows to present the bride and groom at both weddings.

In recent years this tradition began to break to spare: celebrate one wedding where I invite everyone.

A big role on Dagestan plays the wedding outfit of the bride. It needs to be beautiful, graceful, elegant and pompous simultaneously, to Express the richness of its brilliance. Modern brides for the wedding day get two attire: national dress and a white wedding dress, symbolizing purity and chastity. The groom can also be a few costumes.

The average number invited to the wedding of Dagestan ranges from 500 to 1,000 people on each side. Usually invite a live orchestra and master of ceremonies, arranged contests among the guests, give gifts.


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