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The culture and tradition of South Korea

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Korean society is based on the principles of Confucianism, an ethical system that was developed in China in 500 BC One of the main principles of Confucianism is the principle of respect to parents, to family, to friends and to those who have the power.

Confucius also attached great importance to the ideas of justice, peace, education, reform, and humanism. Many Koreans attribute the extraordinary success of the country in recent decades this attitude to life.

In modern Korean society, Confucianism is best demonstrated in the relationship between people. Rules the Five Relationships prescribe certain standards of conduct between ruler and subjects, father and son, husband and wife, old and young and between friends.

If you drop out of the system of these relations, you don’t exist for Korean. Many come to Korea it seems that the locals are rude: actually, it’s not, chances are that you just do not notice. If you someone provided, you fall under the rules of the relationship with friends, attitude towards you is different.

South Koreans can boast of literally any form of art, which you call. Traditional music is very similar to Japanese and Chinese, with a predominance of string instruments. Main genres – congac and folk music minsogak. Among folk dances can be called dancing under the drum (Mugo – live, mobile dance, during which the participants hold the reels on the neck), the mask dances (talchum), dance monks (seungmu) and spiritually-cleansing dances (salpuri).

The most important work of Korean literature – Samguk Yusa, written in the 12th century by the monk Illionos. Modern literature has dissident shade, many of works written opposition-minded students and supporters of the environmental movement in Thai style. Koreans consider their language an art form and very proud of their font, Hangeul.

Fine art is highly developed in South Korea. In traditional painting a very strong Chinese elements of calligraphy, the most important feature in it are line drawn with a brush. Most traditional sculpture is Buddhist, and includes statues and ornaments of the pagodas, one of the best Buddha statues is located in Accurate.

The shamans have created wonderful examples of woodcarving. In Seoul there are several parks art sculptures, in which modern sculptors showcase their work. In Seoul you can also see samples of modern and traditional architecture, including the city gate and Palace Gyeongbokgung era of Chosun.


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