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Figure depicting a Japanese schoolgirl Taisho period The history of Japan is the history mnogoletnego anal of fencing in the entire island nation and continued feil. make the Japanese stronger.…

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The strangest features of Asian culture

People who have never visited Asia, it is an extraordinary world, full of wonder, temptations. Surprising newcomers and Asia everything: the languages, the smells, the cuisine. In addition to temples, landscapes, monuments and tourists get acquainted with the habits of the peoples of Asia, which are at best strange and at worst – just disgusting.

Eating Japanese noodles.

The manners and mannerisms of the Japanese right still coexists with a strange habit in the use of national noodle. Guests of the rising sun can put a damper on noisy suction of noodles-soba, but for the Japanese it is in order, and the louder the sound, the stronger is expressed in veneration and respect for the national food.

So no need to be embarrassed, sitting with Japanese friends at the table, loudly slurp, eating the noodles hot or cold. It’s not as easy as it seems at first glance, but it can be very fun.

Toilets without toilet.

In underdeveloped Asian countries, it might be the difficulty with visiting a public toilet, especially accustomed to the comfort of tourists. The fact that these toilets there are no toilets and you need to have a certain skill and patience. Moreover, in some countries, instead of the usual hygiene use water from hoses. If such a service is absolutely not acceptable, you have to hold out until at the hotel.

Growing nail on the little fingers.

The Chinese and Indonesians from ancient times believed long nails a sign of beauty and wealth. But how are they used now? And now long nails clean the ears, nose and picking your teeth, and use the nails on the little fingers.

And the Indians and Indonesians scratching nails generally anus. In Singapore and Taiwan, there are young people with highly regrown nails, and who knows where it is they pick?

Remove shoes when enter the house.

There are Asians have the habit to take off their shoes when entering a house, regardless of the owners – rich or poor people. Leave shoes at the entrance to maintain cleanliness in the house and to Express their respect owners. To avoid trouble, you always take your shoes off in a Hindu temple or a Japanese restaurant with tatami. In addition, one must be cautious: in some churches, very slippery floors from oil, which is used during religious rituals.

Caution: do not go on spitting.

This strange habit is common throughout China and can surprise the tourists. Here is not considered something indecent to cough and spit right in the presence of strangers. Where did this habit is unclear, maybe from a dysfunctional environment or food mucus accumulates in the throat and thus get rid. Whatever the reason, but when meeting with China should be alert not to step on or avoid the spitting.

Public adopted “hi-bye”.

In Asia it is not customary to greet and kiss when meeting, here a simple nod or a raised hand to Express the location and the joy of meeting, so familiar to many kisses when meeting may be flirting.

A shared meal.

In Asian restaurants is to order shared dishes. The order consists of meat, vegetables or seafood and rice. Eat everything that is on the table, literally hungrily devours. Sitting at round tables, as they prefer rectangular, and share news, discuss topics of interest. Asians eat with their mouth open, which is not a bad thing, although the foreigner may consider this rather odd.


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