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Seasonal holidays of Japan
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business Features in Central Asia

The presidents of Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan in a few days will meet in Tajikistan with a view to, inter alia, to discuss the project of construction of the transmission line Central Asia – southern Asia.

This LEP value of 680 million dollars will allow to export surplus electricity from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Kabul and Northwest Pakistan. The project involves the construction of HPP with the participation of large Russian companies.

In General he feels Russian business in Pakistan and Afghanistan, was found Svetlana Cherenkova.

In Afghanistan the bulk of local businesses linked to drug trafficking. The official government controls only the Kabul area. In this country the foreigner, to develop any project, you need to enlist the support of local tribes and to win a tender in the military. Under a service contract work with Russian air carriers: “ UTair ”, “ Nefteyugansk aviation division “, ” Vertical-T “. Using the experience of pilots who passed the Afghan war, the helicopter they transport the country’s food supplies for the coalition soldiers and humanitarian aid.

About the business representative “Vertical-T” Alexey shepetko . “Sometimes, shot. It’s not just the Taliban – they are a lifetime with weapons, and were born with a gun go. Some shoot for fun. To the Russians they are kinder than any other States. To get there, you have to win the tender. There is not something that came and work itself please. The pilot receives from the RAID: how many have flown – so much received. Is that 8 thousand dollars, maybe 10 thousand dollars”.

Another type of business where people aspire Russians – the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure, mining, hydroelectric, bridges and the former Soviet plants. You can recall the desire « MegaFon » buy from a local operator. The country welcomes investors venturing to invest in its restoration. Although those units.

In Afghanistan eased registration of companies, and are among the lowest in the region of customs duties – 4,2%. And projects, for a period of 4 to 8 years old are not taxed. In Pakistan big Russian business is not so happy. The country is politically oriented towards Europe and the USA. Also developed cooperation with China. It is not surprising that buying local steel mill ” MMK ” 3 years ago was cancelled by the authorities. Now besides Gazprom with the project «South Pars” on the Pakistani market there ’s ATP KAMAZ» and the Corporation for production of fertilizer nitrogen.

Source: Cherednikova Svetlana, “Peculiarities of business in Central Asia”

Alisher Says Babacan . the representative of the Centre for the study of problems of interaction of business and government . «Big business is interested in to keep out Russia. But we can talk about the average business, in which you can come calmly and to decide the case. That is not true of big business”.

In the sphere of Russian interests in Pakistan include energy projects, the construction of hydroelectric power stations, dams, processing of minerals, modernization and capital repair of equipment of former Soviet enterprises – iron and steel and cement. Still the lobbyists give the local market at the mercy of American and European companies.


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