National traditions of Korean art

According to Newsru in the Moscow international House of music opens August 23, the Festival of Korean art. According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Russia Lee Kyu-Hyun, he “will be the largest project of cultural cooperation with Russia since the establishment of diplomatic relations”.

Festival-2007 will open with a concert of the National orchestra of Korea. The program includes works for traditional Korean instruments and vocals, as well as a joint orchestra performance with Russian musicians, ITAR-TASS reported.

Artists of the National dance troupe called his performance of “Korean fantasy”. It includes the best of traditional Korean dances: dance with fans and drums, the crane dance, shaman ritual dance. In these compositions, “reflected what can be called the most characteristic feature of Korean dance – “moving the silence” and “stillness amidst movement.” Artists with dance “convey humor, love of life and at the same time a feeling of sadness, which reflects the nature of Koreans”.

Ballet “vain precaution” will introduce viewers to a high level of performance skill of the artists of the National ballet company. This performance of ballet classics was staged in 2003 on stage at the Seoul arts center and was highly appreciated by lovers of ballet. The repertoire of the group is also “the Nutcracker”, “Swan lake” and “Spartacus” staged by Yuri Grigorovich. In the company of a lot of laureates and winners of international competitions. The ensemble regularly performs abroad, this year he together with the artists of the Novosibirsk ballet theatre successfully presented to the public in Seoul and in Novosibirsk the ballet “Spartacus”.

The festival program, which will end September 1st, includes the musical “Good morning, Bee-Boy” (a bright musical show, combining brilliant technique of dance, original vocals and elements of martial arts) and the play “Korean tale” puppet theater Hyundai, which is called the living history of Korean puppet theatre. The planned retrospective of the classic films of Korean cinema, Im Kwon Tak (“the Violent years”, “Strokes of fire”, “Celebration”) and the display of works of film Directors Hong sang-soo (“Woman on the beach”) and Lee Jun ICA (“Korn”).

Lee Kyu Hyun expressed hope that “the performances of Korean artists in the Russian capital will pass as successfully as last year’s presentation of Russian culture in Seoul, which was timed to the 16th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations”. “In 2006 in the framework of the festival “Russian evenings” residents of the Republic of Korea met with Russian Opera, theatre and dance art, classical and modern music, reminded Lee Kyu Hyun. – Great interest was aroused by the Symphony orchestra and pop groups, as well as exhibitions of Russian artists”. Upcoming cultural event, he said, “will contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations with Russia, actively developing in many areas”.


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