Pan-Asian cuisine in restaurants, bars and cafes of Kiev
Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev is definitely the new brand in cooking, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Asian cuisine has always attracted, Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions…

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Seasonal holidays of Japan
Send your good work to the knowledge base simply. Use the form located below. Such documents The study of the Russian folk calendar, the components of its seasonal celebrations and…

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All the festivals of South Korea

1 January New year

New year in South Korea of the solar calendar is celebrated rather formally. Basically, everyone is trying to use days off for meetings with friends and relatives. In addition to decorated trees, Santa Claus, the rush into shelves S.

On 23 January the New year according to the lunar calendar

New year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar (lunar). Festivals, celebrations dedicated to this holiday lasts for 15 days. Often the New year according to the lunar calendar is called “Chinese” because its celebration.

March 1, Day of the independence movement of Korea

Annually on 1 March in South Korea celebrates the Day of the independence movement (Independence Movement Day — Samiljol) in honor of the proclamation of independence from the colonial rule of Japan and the official start of the passive resistance movement. V.

April 5 arbor Day in South Korea

Tree planting day (Arbor Day, cor. Sikmogil) was established in connection with held by the government of Park Chung-Hee by the Korean forest restoration campaign. As you know, this campaign was extremely successful. Until 2005 this day was.

28 April Buddha’s birthday in South Korea

Buddha’s birthday (Buddha’s Birthday / Seokgatansinil) is celebrated in some countries in East Asia on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. In Korea, this festival became an official holiday in 1975. On this day Koreans.

May 5 children’s Day in South Korea

The name of the holiday in Korean is: “Orini nal”. Public holiday this day since 1923 thanks to public teacher Bang Jeong-hwan, who proposed to approve the 1 may children’s Day. Since 1946, the holiday was celebrated on 5 may.

June 6 memorial Day in South Korea

Memorial day (Memorial day) is held in South Korea in honor of those killed during the war, soldiers and civilians who gave their lives for the country. This commemorative date is celebrated on the day of the signing of the armistice that ended the Korean war of 1950-1953.

July 17th D ay of Constitution in South Korea

Constitution day in South Korea (Jeheonjeol / Constitution Day in South Korea) is celebrated annually on July 17 is the day of the proclamation of the Constitution in 1948. Officially the day of Constitution was approved on 1 October 1949 after the introduction of V.

September 30, 2012 it’s thanksgiving Autumn holiday

It’s thanksgiving (Chuseok) – the full moon day is a holiday, which most eagerly waiting for, probably all the inhabitants of modern Korea. It’s thanksgiving is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. But if to speak more precisely, it’s thanksgiving.

October 3 national Foundation Day in South Korea

Every year on 3 October in South Korea has one of the main national holidays — national Foundation Day (National Foundation Day / Gaecheonjeol). This day is an official holiday in the country, the day when the state rises.

6 October, the international Fireworks Festival in Seoul

International Fireworks Festival in Seoul (Seoul International Firework Festival) – a major cultural event in South Korea, which is held every year in October, since 2000, where the best of the world of pyrotechnics create a unique atmosphere.

October 9, the Day of proclamation of Korean alphabet

October 9 in South Korea celebrates the Day of the proclamation of the Korean alphabet (Hangul Proclamation Day). The native alphabet of the Korean language is called Hangul (Hangul), today celebrated the creation and the proclamation of the country by king Sejong the Great.


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