Features Japanese sex

Unusual cravings, emancipation, pornography, sex with young lolitas, and other features of the Japanese sex. Sex life of Japanese is radically different from the life of an average European.

Japanese men traditionally needed not one woman, but three: one for the family (wife), the second sex (Yuza — the girl from cheerful quarter — before and a prostitute — now), and third in order in an intimate conversation about politics and underwear to unburden (geisha — then, hostesses — now). And cheating men in Japanese family is perceived as in Europe or us. Many Japanese girls are comfortable with the fact that their husband walked about the prostitutes.

Some features sex life of Japanese people:

1 the Age of sexual consent for girls in Japan – 13 years. This means that you have complete, lawful and most importantly, the right to have sex with such a young Asian beauty.

2 Pornography. In the genre of adult movies, Japan has a reputation as a conveyor of the most perverted and gay pornography, and that is not enough said about the sexual liberation of Japanese women. Japan is the birthplace of bukkake and many trends in porn.

3 In Japan is the norm to go to metro and pornograficheskie to read comic books or magazines. In this country you definitely no surprise that stuff.

4 All Japanese women – born geisha. Mother passed this art to their daughters. From childhood they teach them how to make a man happy. Well, what could be better than a sexy geisha in bed?

5, One of the highest levels of wealth, but also the highest number of suicides in the world. Such is the contradictory Japan, this statistic gives us to understand that, though, life is good, but still boring and they are ready for any sexual experiments, if only to drive away this melancholy.

6 Clubs for the lovers of unusual sexual deviancy. In Japan you can even find such clubs, which are subway cars with mannequins and real women, and you like sneaking, you will be able longed to touch their flesh. The dream of preterito.

7 Availability. Not that all Japanese women were idle girls, but they are world-renowned for their sexual appetites. (see Top Japanese porn actress )

8 Size. Men in Japan have, well, so to speak, not of an impressive advantages. All the Japanese have virtually no vegetation on the body except the privates. And women, especially Japanese women love hairy Europeans, well, about the size of a member already and I will not speak.

9 Oh, it’s anime. In CIS countries there are millions and millions of fans of this genre of animation, but what to sleep with those types of these cartoon characters? – You already know – unforgettable.

10 Total debauchery. This is Japan – total depravity, in all and in everything. It is for these, though not only, reasons sex in Japan will be for you an unforgettable experience.


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