Autumn in Japan

Holidays and festivals in Japan in the autumn

Numerous festivals and holidays in Japan, associated with the change of seasons will make your trip to this wonderful country truly memorable. Festivals are held almost daily in any part of the country throughout the year. Below are just the main festivals and holidays of Japan, which full list is just endless.

Fall — the time of harvest.

If the summer in many parts of the country lasts until September, then in October in most regions of Japan you can enjoy a refreshing cool autumn days.

Autumn in Japan brings with it a kaleidoscopic variability of the colors of the leaves, whose bright shades of crimson and gold to bronze and yellow paint surrounding hills and mountains in colorful carpets. Comes the harvest season. In rural areas Golden rice fields. Sheaves of grain would soon be gathered in stacks or hung on poles for subsequent drying and processing. Fall of Japan is also a time of numerous festivals, sporting events and cultural events held throughout the country.

Yabusame, – festival of the art of archery on horseback. Arranged in the tsurugaoka Hachiman in kamakura.

The middle of September (within 15 days)

The fifth tournament of sumo wrestlers, Tokyo

Kunti festival of Suwa temple in Nagasaki, in which it performs the dragon dance in the Chinese style.

7-10 October

Holiday Takayama Matsuri of Hachimangu Shrine, a remarkable parade of colorful floats.

The middle of October in Japan

City festival in Nagoya, a remarkable procession through the streets of the city dressed in clothing of the feudal princes.

October 14-15

The festival Kenka Matsuri, or “festival of scandals”, takes place at a Shinto Shrine

Matsubara in Himeji. The peak of the festival falls on the 15th of October.

Mid October-mid November in Japan

The exhibition of chrysanthemums in the temples of the Meiji and Asakusa Kannon in Tokyo.

Autumn festival in Nikko hematocele with a procession of Holy palanquins, accompanied by armed servants.

The festival of Jidai Matsuri, or “the festival of the ages”, Heian Shrine in Kyoto, is one of the three grandest festivals of this city.

Fire festival of the temple of Yucca, Kurama in Kyoto.Remarkable built long rows of torches on the way to the temple.

The feast of Ocunty temple Karatsu in Saga, known for its beautiful parade of colorful floats.

Holiday Daimyo Garazu in Hakone, representing really reproduced the procession of the feudal rulers of the past.

The middle of November in Japan

Holiday tori-no-ichi Otori temple in Kanto region. Known as a popular folk festival with a fair.

The middle of November (for 15 days)

The sixth tournament of sumo wrestlers, Fukuoka.

Holiday city-go-San, or children aged 7, 5 and 3 years. On this day, children of this age are in the churches, to Express the gratitude to the deity, caring for the health of children.


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