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Amazing and little-known facts about North Korea – Talk

 Amazing and little-known facts about North Kareev bookmarks

Democratic people’s Republic — perhaps the most closed country in the world. In this country you cannot come on a tour, from there it is impossible to leave. The lion’s share of information about North Korea, based on Analytics, assumptions, guesses, and often — even the rumors. It is not surprising that this country is a cause of the continuing interest of the international community. In our collection — a remarkable and little-known facts about North Korea.

The DPRK is a double reckoning, one — accepted worldwide according to which it is now 2015, and the second started in the year of birth of Kim Il-Sung, and by this calendar year now 104.

In Pyongyang built the largest stadium in the world — 150 thousand people. Here are held the home games of the national team of the DPRK football.

Surprisingly, in a country full of prohibitions, the authorities are quite liberal to marijuana which is not classified as a narcotic substance.

In the mid 60-ies of the last century the whole population was divided into three groups: «main», «vibrating» «hostile», which, in turn, are divided into subgroups, the total number 51. Group membership is inherited through the father. Information on the number of layers is classified.

The car is in North Korea — more of a luxury than just a means of transportation: only people belonging to military and bureaucratic elite have the right to be the owners car.

North Korea uses its own operating system called Red Star OS.

For 20 years, the highest hotel in the world was considered « rügen » ( old name of Pyongyang ). Today it is one of the ten tallest buildings in the world. Although the construction of the building started in 1987. it is still not functioning .

North Korea — the holder of the world’s only captured by a naval vessel of the United States.

Accommodation in the capital, Pyongyang, is a privilege. In case of any delinquency, citizens can be deported.

Since the mid-twentieth century to the present, almost 25 thousand North Korean citizens fled to South Korea. And from South to North — two.

On the territory of the DPRK prohibited jeans.

North Korean hairstyle law-abiding citizens must conform to one of the 28 officially approved.

In the mid-twentieth century in the demilitarized zone on the instruction of Pyongyang was built the village, which was demonstrated as an example high quality of life in the DPRK. Unfortunately, the village — is nothing more than a sham.

In 2012 archaeologists from North Korea stated that «found» the remains of the ancient unicorn, which belonged to the founder of the Korean Kingdom. This is one reason why jokes about the leader of the nation, which in the Western press began to depict who was seated on the unicorn.

In the early 60-ies of XX century 6 U.S. army soldiers defected to the DPRK.

Among the crimes that are punishable by death, include such as keeping the Bible and the movies produced in South Korea.

Elections in North Korea are quite original — the ballots listed only one candidate.

The photo below taken in night from outer space. While China and South Korea is filled with lights, in North Korea there is darkness, only the dim stands out Pyongyang «asterisk».

In the DPRK, a ban on Internet access for the majority of the population. Koreans use the internal network Gwangmyeong-si, which has no access to the Internet.

North Korea TV broadcasts on three channels. Listening and viewing to all other channels is prohibited and punishable by imprisonment.

The only country where allowed to travel on vacation to North Korean citizens — China.


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