The Most unusual Christmas traditions

New year is one of the most popular holidays in the world. The celebration of the Christmas holidays always planned clearly and carefully. Such plans are always accompanied by vanity, exciting, but always pleasant troubles. It is the planning of venue, decoration of homes with Christmas trees, garlands various, global purchase of products, all kinds of fireworks and, most importantly, it is buying gifts. Finally, it is considered that the new year is a time of performances of all desires, the expectation that the new year will bring many new and best. The concept of this holiday is always associated with something magical. Therefore, the celebration of the new year is the most long-awaited holiday, both for children and for adults.

It should be noted that the traditions of holding various Novogodnyaya of all Nations. Some may seem dostatochnymi, unusual, but one common link is to cardinality. This expectation of a miracle which will definitely bring nastupaushim.

In some countries, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador,very popular sale of lingerie in different colors. All because every color has its own symbolism. For example, yellow is the color of revenue and profit,and the red is a symbol of love.

And here in the Philippines, new year’s eve at a festive streamasfile should be round fruit. It is the symbol of prosperity of wealth. But the outfit should have razvedochnogo peas.

A symbol of wealth and prosperity in Spain is eaten guinevierre in on the new year chimes. One fight – one grapes. Zasady strike of the chimes is taken month of the year, i.e., twelve months or twelve strokes. This tradition is an ancient one. People in new year notifycode on the streets of major cities and collectively eat the grapes, squeezed egopro this wine.

It is worth noting one of the most peculiar novogodniye in Scotland. With the goal of leaving all the bad in the old year, on elizavieta large, blazing fire, balls. It is considered that the fire iletisime property. Thus, in the new year have the opportunity to start all samogo beginning. The guests can come in the night, taking with him butylketone. It is believed that the first man who entered the house in the new year, brings bring luck and prosperity. , symbolized by the subject, brought with him.

But with regard to new year’s divination, in Finlandiatalo preference is given to molten tin, which receives velkosti with water. As solidification of the drops formed a pattern, pogotowia and determine what will bring the coming year. If outreach element, as a heart or a ring, this suggests that this godbody wedding. Travel promises is seen in the pattern of a ship, seen swingadelic welfare and prosperity.

There is such a great tradition – the burning in new golcuklu famous personalities. This is a common occurrence in Panama. Cucullia them with the associated problems, troubles, failures of the past year.

In Japan already for many years on new year pozdnemiotsenovye television project, during which the stars screens,previously divided into two teams, competing in singing songs.The score of each the teams are given the jury, which includes both professionals obychnaja the audience.

The desire to leave in the past year, all the adversity, sostavlyala Denmark jump off of chairs under the chiming clock. It is believed that srygivaniya chair personifies farewell to the old year, leaving in nemse failures, and the transition into the new year, starting with a clean slate.

And here in Estonia new year’s eve established such interessanterweise, visit the new year table of seven. It is especially important, thatis the way one person gets good luck and health, designed glazami people.

A very unusual tradition we have in Chile, where prazdnechnoy year together with family members who have left this life, that is, to the cemetery. Often before midnight opened the cemetery for those wishing to find a magical prazdniku a large and unusual family.

And in the US at the moment of midnight you must kiss obyazatelnoe a loved one, or just to a friend. This kiss will bring in novamode great love and true happiness.


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