Turkish traditions, Turkish money

Turkish customs and traditions or what you can and cannot do to tourists

For the reason that Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, on the crossroads of ancient trade routes, its culture is very complex and sometimes even difficult to understand. And Turkish customs and traditions are mixed – part of them came from the Caucasus, the other – from the Middle East, the third – from the Mediterranean. You can also see the imprints of the cultures of Central Asia and even the ancient world. Moreover, the Turks themselves have become one people, only by the early twentieth century, so there is nothing surprising in such a confusion cannot be found. However, tourists do not necessarily learn the history of Turkey and all the neighboring Nations – in order to avoid problems due to his behavior, you need to learn only the minimum of its norms in this country. As a rule, traditions of behavior are associated with Islam, but some are quite distinctive. The implementation of the standards of conduct will enable a person not to annoy local residents and not to create problems yourself, be polite and pleasant person, and follow these simple rules you can easily.

Going to Turkey and trying to find local flavor, it is important to understand that it is of paramount importance in this country have children and marriage. The relationship of the Turks is very strong, family strong. Traditional Islamic attitude toward women that is associated with a mass of prohibitions here is not so clear as, for example, in Egypt, but still, some aspects remain. As for tourists, it is important to know the following rules of conduct. So, it is not without a demand to take pictures of locals, women in black cloaks can not be photographed at all. In mosques and private homes shoes are removed and left in the rapids, sometimes – is taken along in the package. When visiting the restaurants the waiter needs to leave a tip of about 10% of the order value. The taxi driver usually leave nothing. And to drink alcohol in the street is not worth it.

It is not recommended to call Constantinople Istanbul, to talk about Greece and compare it with Turkey – not so long ago these countries were at war, disparaging things about religion. All this can be perceived is not good. Also do not try to care for local women, not knowing all the nuances of traditions and not having serious intentions. Despite the fact that officially the Turkish woman is freed from the dogmas of Islam, her daily life is still surrounded by taboos and shame in the behavior casts a shadow not only on her name, but the whole genus or even a settlement, and therefore, to overdo it with the attention to the fairer sex, you can create a lot of problems. The beautiful dancers better to just watch from the sidelines.

Turkish money or what currency to take on the road

Another concern of tourists – it is Turkish money. Here everything is much simpler: in Turkey the Turkish Lira. In Lira of 100 kuruş. 1 Lira – this is about 16 rubles. Money can be exchanged before the trip, and in the country. Any more or less large tourist center, any settlement presupposes the existence of banks where you can exchange money. To go in travel preferably with dollars – this option is the best. To change dollars in Turkey is not difficult. You can also go with plastic cards, traveler’s checks – modern Turkish industry allows you to use funds from such sources. To exchange real money even in some hotels – it is very convenient. If this is not possible – to the nearest Bank to get a short time. Them in Turkey there are many. Also it should be noted that in some shops, hotels and restaurants readily accept not only Lira, but USD, and it also makes life easier for tourists.


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