River of Asia
Asian Rivers are among the largest and most full-flowing rivers in the world. The total volume of water of all the rivers of Asia is the largest among all parts…

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Valentine's Day in Japan
February 14. Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day. Holiday for romantically inclined couples and companies-manufacturers of confectionery products. If in our area usually give each other cards-"Valentine", which provided financial more young…

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Help the kid (Treatment and rehabilitation of the child with cerebral palsy)

“Riverside Spa Land” is one of the best Spa centers for skin care of the feet in Korea. Here you can find massage parlors, sauna, nail salon and much more.

● “Hangingon” (Gold Spa)

Water center “Hangingon” known for their beneficial skin properties. Here you can get all necessary for comfortable rest and care for face and body massage, Spa, Solarium, fitness center, etc.

● “In Spa World”

From ancient times these springs were famous for the healing qualities of its water. In addition there is also an entertainment complex with water attractions, swimming pool and saunas.

● “Jayuro Aqualand”

“Aqualand” – sauna with natural hot springs that uses water from the ground and offering a variety of facilities and services.

● Happy Day

The complex “happy Day” is a centre with saunas, spas, hot springs and other things, and the known fact that water of this source well help in the treatment of gastritis and arthritis.

● Spa Plus

These sources are wide known fact that good for people with visual impairments and problematic skin. You can also visit a traditional Korean sauna “bulgama”

● Caribbean Bay

If you want to relax and splash in the warm water during the cold winter, come to the water Park “Caribbean Bay”, located near Seoul. Here you will be able not only to visit the saunas and spas, but also to ride on water slides, swim in the wave pool and much more.

Built in 1996, Caribbean Bay is the first water Park in Korea. Stone buildings in a Spanish style and subtropical plants and a shipwreck after the crash give the Park an unusual and very romantic look. In Caribbean Bay has almost all the same as on the major beaches. The most popular wave pool. Here we use one type of sonar system to create huge waves and even a small swell on the surface of the water, so you will feel really floating on these waves. There is also a swimming pool with a 500-meter lanes, a surfing and thrilling rides. Indoor aquatic centre – a place where visitors can enjoy the wave pool, pool with waterfall, as well as exercise, usually on the beach. Services include family saunas and hot springs, where tourists can enjoy the 15 pools with mineral source for health and beauty. Caribbean Bay is the perfect combination of comfort and entertainment. Couples, friends and families can visit the Park all year round.

1. In Seoul, at the terminal, “Nambu bass dominal” or “console bass dominal” hop on an Express bus traveling to the Park “Everland”. Once you reach the Park, take the bus-the Shuttle

2.Saudita in the Gangnam station, line 2 of the Seoul subway, get off at exit 6 and take red bus

Saudite at the metro Keda, line 2 of the Seoul subway, get off at exit 13 and take red bus

Saudite at the station Sadan, 2 and 4 of the Seoul subway line, exit 2 or exit 3 and take red bus no. 1500-220min. drive).

Upon reaching the Everland theme Park, front of the main gate, take the bus-Shuttle

3. At Intercity bus terminal, Suwon (in front of Suwon station, Singal, and hall G. Enjin, University Enyin) take city bus No. 66 or red bus No. 600 and get off to the Park Everland. Then, in front of the main gates of the Park, take the bus-Shuttle


Holidays and weekend in Japan
Any holiday in the country called Matsuri. Every city has its own festivals, which are held only in the area. In Tokyo for the New Year is a colorful new…


National traditions of Korean art
According to Newsru in the Moscow international House of music opens August 23, the Festival of Korean art. According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Russia Lee Kyu-Hyun,…