Valentine's Day in Japan
February 14. Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day. Holiday for romantically inclined couples and companies-manufacturers of confectionery products. If in our area usually give each other cards-"Valentine", which provided financial more young…

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Skiing in South Korea. Ski resorts in Korea: Yong-Peng, Muggia, Sago, Baliwasan, etc
skiing in South Korea There are ski slopes, which has not yet begun to move in Primorsko fans of this sport. First, there just started the "fire" track from snow…

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Erotic cartoons from Japan: deviation or norm of the culture of sex? “

Hentai cartoons from Japan, which emphasized the special nature of male-male. Scene forced sex – a usual story. However, sexually exploited women enjoying the action. It is a variant of norm or deviation in sexual behaviour?

If excite the hentai, or Japanese erotic cartoons, it does not always indicate emotional immaturity. On the one hand, “adult cartoons” stimulate libido, support excitation, promote Masturbation. On the other hand, it is a sexual deviation that is reflected in the title of the phenomenon – hentai is translated as perversion (perversion).

Not a deviation, but the tradition of the East

Hentai is an erotic cartoons with brutal shade . wild sex, copious, the blood lining on the penis (not only for optical zoom, but also to cause the woman pain). Hentai is also a way to drain after a hard day (a strict hierarchy is still the test!), demonstration of primitive male qualities, inherent nature, combined with rich sexual fantasy.

Hand-drawn woman in a subordinate position, often experience violence, but it get a bit too much. And it is also a reflection of Japanese traditions! And today Japanese women – traveling independently, in managerial posts, controlling family budget – should be emphasized warning to the Man.

The initiative belongs to. woman

Know what all, in the celestial Empire tradition of honor – and today, a woman is always behind, in the restaurants, tables can be booked on the principle of “man +1”, etc. However, not all know that dowry in ancient Japan were made scrolls with illustrations on the art of love, made personally by the bride. It’s not a modern “cartoon” and true art samurai love!

On extant scrolls depicted exaggerated male and female genitals, sexual positions and techniques of arousal, including scenes of violence. Specific collection ars amandi, besides intimate, revealed the secret desires of women. It was used by the couple to inflame the faded passion in the bedroom. A modern interpretation can we oppose the long tradition of viewing erotic animated films – for example, hentai.

What, besides hentai?

Film, TV and Internet obviously, in an unequal struggle – feed-hungry “strawberry” and “highlights”. The Japanese erotic even more popular anime than hentai, is ecchi or harem. They depicted the joy of the men from relations with multiple women at the same time. By the way, this is one of the most common themes of ancient Japanese art.

While Japanese erotic and pornomother well known to Western audiences a few know about Agoda – video games content. Agoda is an important area of the Asian entertainment industry. By the way, in games of genitalia – as in Japanese porn “responseline”, according to the requirements of the legislation.

That the Japanese well, the Russian.

The young man (unfortunately, often the child) of any nationality during the first sexual experience is fixed on the different aspects that accompany pleasure: the smell, the music, the specific pathogen. Japanese hentai reflects children’s or teen violent experiences that do not leave after growing up.

Is it possible to offer joint viewing hentai Russian partner? It is difficult to predict, will it be hard for her erotica the same evocative, and for him. If a woman is prone to masochism, are probably to be included in the game.


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