Individual tours in Korea in Ulsan

Japanese resort city of Ulsan, located on the South-East of the Republic of Korea, 70 kilometers from Busan, is the sea port. The favorable geographical position of the city enabled him to become a major industrial and commercial center. The infrastructure of the city includes oil refineries, shipbuilding and automotive industries. In past centuries the town was famous for its whaling. Today it is a popular tourist destination, a trip in which you can organise yourself, because the reservation of hotels in Korea can be made online without the help of travel agencies.

Ulsan is often compared with American Detroit and Pittsburgh, as in this Japanese city has production sites in such a well-known auto brands such as Hyundai Motors. Attempts to find a similar city in Russia, of course, will bring on the memories of Togliatti with AVTOVAZ or about the Siberian Tomsk.

In Ulsan, you can select several areas that are particularly attractive to visitors. The Samsandong area is teeming with a huge number of large shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, made in the finest Western tradition. Near Lotte cinema is the Ferris wheel, from where one can admire views of the city.

The old center of the city, Seongnamdong, indispensable in the desire to engage in “fiscal shopping”, because the prices in local shops are quite reasonable. The area with its Mugeodong Ulsan University is considered a place loves to gather young people. It is worth noting that this city is very popular today, and if you want to book cheap flights, better to do it in advance.

Beach Ulsan pleases the tourists with the best sand in the world. Near the town are several beaches, one of which is suitable for Windsurfing. Few people will refuse to visit a great beach Ilsan which reaches a length of one kilometer, with wild flowers and clear water, giving coolness and pleasure of freshness.

The name of the beach translates as “umbrella king”, because he was often visited by the Royal dynasty of Silla. Another beach is Wellness, because it is covered with pebbles through which a person makes a contribution to the health of the feet. Near the beach is a statue of a sitting Buddha. The city is the oldest in Korea, the lighthouse of Olgi, in the building which is a tourist haven, Sanjukta, the presence of which is absolutely free.

Ulsan striking splendor of its attractions, which are called “the Twelve scenic areas of Ulsan”. One of them is the highest local mountain Hagesan (1240 meters) from the top of which opens indescribable view of the countryside. Place of Gangelt, especially visited by tourists for the New year, offers enjoy the earliest sunrise on the entire northeast Asia.

Simbulan Hora (1209 meters) provides a great overview of reed plains, in this case, swaying in the wind, reed creates the effect of waves. Beautiful waterfall Paraiso is near this mountain. A huge pine forest has long been considered a favorite place for tourists, as it is a second important attraction of the coast of Korea.

Stay in Ulsan opens up endless opportunities of exploring the traditions and customs of the local people, allows us to feel their religion and culture, to see all the historic monuments of ancient times. Will be long remembered and local cuisine, and the hospitality of the locals, and beautiful scenery of Korea. Online booking of tickets to Vietnam and Korea available to all users of the world wide web. And anyone can organize a trip to any country of Asia.


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