The Japanese sword: the tradition and the basis of tradition
Is it possible to understand the entity which is encapsulated in the Japanese sword . besides not being a resident of this country? Probably not. Is it possible to evaluate…

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Korean hanbok
Such different women: Korea Tashkent is a multinational city. Here you can meet representatives of the most different Nations and, as a rule, differences in clothes you will not see…

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The Ministry of culture, sports and tourism

The Ministry of culture, sports and tourism develops and implements a broad range of strategies for the development of culture, art, sports, tourism and religion, in order to ensure society’s cultural opportunities. A total of 30 information centres have been established by the Ministry to 26 Korean Cultural Centers in 21 countries. Korea – this is the official multilingual website of the government, which is controlled by the main subsidiaries of the Ministry, Korean culture and Information Service (KOCIS).

Korean Culture And Information Service

Korean culture and Information Service dedicated to providing the world with accurate and relevant information about Korea. She is a master plan of promoting Korea abroad, and supports activities that allow different countries to get acquainted with Korean culture, publishes foreign editions in Korean and manages the official multilingual website of the government Korea. Korea is a site with information about Korea, which aims at providing timely and accurate information about Korea and offers a convenient and user-friendly access to a vast array of data about the country.

The Department of cultural heritage

The activities of the Department of cultural heritage aims to preserve and maintain cultural heritage in its authentic state, and the development of tourism by maintaining the values of cultural heritage.

The national center for Korean traditional performing arts

This center focuses on continuous transmission and promotion of traditional performing art forms which are full of traditional Korean philosophy.

National Institute of the Korean language

National Museum of Korea

The Museum seeks to preserve, to show and explain the cultural heritage of Korea thus, to match the level of international museums. It strives, through cultural exchanges to become a world class institution that serves the Korean people.

National theater of Korea

In 1992, the Department of cultural heritage established the Royal Museum in the Stone Hall of Deoksugung Palace. Royal Museum seeks to educate people with the cultural heritage of the Royal Palace of Joseon, spending every year permanent and special exhibitions. After a decade of such success stories Royal Museum moved to larger premises and re-opened as the national theater of Korea.

National folk Museum of Korea

The national theater of Korea

The national theater of Korea, founded in 1950, was the main venue for theatrical performances, which contributed to the promotion of national performing arts. He is committed to the globalization of Korean traditional arts and recreate them with a modern twist.

National Museum of modern art

By visiting this Museum, you will learn what direction of Korean art and culture. He successfully carries out valuable exhibitions at a high level and became one of the sites for various educational and cultural activities.

National University of arts Korea

Since its establishment, the Ministry of culture and tourism in 1992 National University of arts Korea continually strives to create an academic environment in which gifted people are born motivation and inspiration for their best works.

Korean media Council censorship

Korean media Council censorship is responsible for the selection of films, videos and commercials in order to ensure ethics and civic spirit in the media. He also tries to protect young people from harmful media influences.

The Korean Committee for development of cinematography

Korea Foundation media

Korea Foundation media offers a wide range of workshops as well as sponsor various assistance programmes for the development of professional journalism.


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