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Features of the Duty free shops in Europe and Asia

Features Duty free shops in Europe and Asia

To reach the place of vacation can in a variety of modes of transport. Some people prefer a car, someone trains, and some airplanes I love, and it’s not only possible to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.

In many international airports have Duty free shops. Their name comes from the English duty free shop or duty free shop. In other words, the products on the shelves, not subject to taxes and excises, which allows you to sell at a significantly lower price.

This generosity stems from the fact that when landing at the international plane or train, you cross the border and immediately get into the zone on which the current tax of the country are not functioning. It is noteworthy that some Duty free stores have on airlines and cruise ships. Accomplish a purchase in the store, you can only with a boarding pass and passport.

Most often in such stores you can find alcohol, tobacco products, cosmetics and perfumes, jewelry and costume jewelry, mobile phones, branded clothing and much more. On average, prices of goods are reduced by 20% (the prices of alcohol and tobacco decreased by almost 50%).

You can also be sure that the quality of the goods meets European standards.

Experienced travelers advise to check the prices on goods so as not to be trapped. For example, prices in Western European Duty free is usually higher than in Eastern European and Asian. Souvenirs and food is not worth it to buy: the cost is always much higher.

Sativas before departure, don’t forget the rules for hand baggage: would be a shame, if only that the goods purchased have to leave at customs. In some countries are allowed to buy goods before passing the border. This greatly simplifies the transportation of the excess and strengthen the security.

A recent study conducted by German specialists, revealed that the most expensive shopping get at Prague airport Ruzyne. The cheapest area recognized as the territory duty free London Heathrow airport: the basket of 12 goods there cost only 435 Euro.

In second place was the German airport düsseldorf – 483 Euro. Interesting fact: in Germany the closer airport to the centre of the country, the more they had the goods. So, buy at the airport Frankford would cost 484 euros, and Munich – all 486,4 euros. However, the same goods in a regular store would cost 561€.

Followed by Rome Fiumicino, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, Austrian and French international airport Roissy. In the last two the amount will exceed € 500. In the most expensive Duty free price will stop at 565 euros.

However, it is worth noting that the cost of some products can vary greatly. For example, a carton of cigarettes in Prague airport will cost 34 euros in Paris – 58 euros. A bottle of brandy in London will be released in 37 Euro, in Prague – 67 euros.

However, there is little that can compare to Duty free, located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This place is more like a huge shopping Mall, only all goods are much cheaper. Friendly consultants will help you choose everything you need. Don’t be afraid to stumble on the language barrier: many sellers are working here come from countries of the USSR.

In Singapore Duty free shops are constantly encouraging customers sales, and discounts. But in Shanghai will have to fork out: and though the cost is lower, but the goods themselves are not cheap. Here are presented the products of leading Chinese manufacturers who care about customers and their reputation. As a souvenir you can buy traditional women’s dress – either male or female garments. Also in Shanghai decided to buy leather goods and alcoholic drinks.


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