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Wedding traditions of Korea

Most of our readers, I’m sure, were at a wedding, theirs or not. In any case, wedding traditions are familiar to many. Would you like to hear about the wedding traditions of other countries and peoples?

Noisy Serenade

This is the tradition of the French, which remained significant in some regions of France. In General, the noisy serenades were held in the middle ages, and probably existed as a tradition before.

What they are, those serenades? Imagine you are married/get married, have secluded himself in a room, the house. And one night runs into a crowd of relatives/friends

A toe ring

We got used to the fact that the wedding/marriage, the couple exchange rings. In different countries the ring is worn on different hands, some left, some right. But in some countries, rings are worn on. foot Suite. It is such a popular ritual in the Hindu tribes. Here a silver ring and worn on the left leg of the woman, its as if the index (how can I say?) toe.

And Yes, the ring receives only a woman. What gets a man, and whether he actually wears the ring? No idea to be honest.

Not to go to the bathroom for three days

In one of the regions of Malaysia, the couple should not go to the bathroom/wash for three days. It is believed that if someone still got to wash up, then brought on his young family a lot of misery, including the death of children, barrenness, failure in the marriage. In short, if I lived in the region of Malaysia where relevant this tradition, I did not wash it well. Better safe 🙂 Well, that, but then you can go together in the same bathroom/bath.

Pay and dance with the bride!

Well, it’s not such a strange tradition, this may be somewhat unusual. In Poland it is customary to pay for something to get the right to dance with the bride. The money collected in a separate apron and then calculated the total savings. All the money usually being spent on the honeymoon, during the trip or just.

Breaking dishes.

In contrast to the known traditions of troubled marriages, when during an argument beats everything that gets under a hand, in some countries, breaking dishes begins at the wedding. The origin of the tradition is unclear, but it looks very fun. It is considered that the voluntary breaking of plates allows you to throw “overboard” all the troubles of family life. Moreover, all of this is a prerequisite to the successful overcoming of various problems that can occur in the future from the newlyweds.

Stealing the bride

About traditii you know, I guess. In many countries, previously (and still) brides stealing. This tradition is particularly famous for the Caucasus. After the bride is stolen, it was possible to negotiate with parents and relatives of the bride about the amount of dowry or simply deliver an ultimatum – say, getting married, and all. By the way, in some countries, if you steal the girl, and held her 2-3 days, she officially your wife. Something not very correct, I think. What do you think?

Wedding with animals

In some places of India it is customary to marry the animal (just to get married, just for girls). True, it is only the rite of avoiding the influence of evil spirits. If the girl will become the wife of an animal, the curse of the spirits is irrelevant. After that divorce do not need perfume behind, and the girl can marry a man.

Vymazyvajas bride mud

The strangest tradition, wedding ceremony I’ve ever heard. The groom asks his friends to take his bride early in the morning (all this before the wedding, in a wedding dress and in regular clothes) in the vehicle in any private place. And there the bride should smear from head to toe, different sauces, broken eggs and other filth. It is believed that this way the bride from evil spirits is distilled over. The tradition adopted in some parts of Scotland. So, if you are the bride from the region, you know, you need to smear.

Jump over the broom

You know, we have a tradition of stepping on a wedding towel (or what’s-it-called?). In some countries, the couple must jump, not using a towel, and a broom. This is also considered to be, sort of, vietanam his past, and the beginning of new life. Well, nothing so the tradition, though, to smear no one.


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