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South Korea is still quite undiscovered country for Russian tourists. Perhaps, only thanks to the organization of the government budget (or even free) tours for the representatives of Korean Diaspora…

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Medical centers South Korea
Professional skills of Koreans have already gained recognition on a global level. Korean experts have proven themselves in the field of high technology, biotechnology, and other assets. One such area…

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Children’s art school “Ethnos”, created in 1991, is a unique educational institution not only for the Sakhalin oblast, but also for all Russia. What exactly it differs from all art schools in the country, says the Director, honored worker of culture of Russia Natalia Semenovna Adinova

Specializes in schools – this is folk art. In the Sakhalin region and in the far East there is no other school that teaches children folklore. But the uniqueness of our school is that we are engaged not only Russian folklore – exploring the rituals and holidays, traditions of folk singing and playing folk instruments, — but… Korean. We have a Department of Korean national art, of which exactly none of the art school of Russia is no more. It appeared in fact that lives on Sakhalin numerous Diaspora Koreans, who, naturally, have children, and very talented. The main subjects in this Department are Korean folk dance, playing on the Korean national percussion and stringed instruments. And subjects such as solfeggio and piano, compulsory for all our students.

We long thought how to name a school that combines the culture of two such different Nations. And came to the conclusion that the most appropriate title would be “Ethnicity”.

During the past school year we had many events. For the third time made on the Sakhalin international film festival “the Edge”, took part in the international festival «Moscow meets friends”, organized by the Vladimir Spivakov international charity Foundation. Our school also participated in the Olympic torch relay on Sakhalin, and three of our team – the folk ensemble “Ethnicity”, a Korean dance ensemble “Dorado” ensemble and Korean percussion – represented the Sakhalin in the program of the Cultural Olympiad «Sochi 2014».

We are proud of our students who won prizes in the festivals of the “New names” (Tomsk), “a Celebration of childhood” (St. Petersburg), «Live Rus” (Khabarovsk), “young Europe” (Marcel). This year the ensemble of the Korean dance “Dorado” won a silver medal at the Delphic games in Volgograd, and our soloist took second place in the competition ’s Sonorous voice of Russia”, held at the all Russian child center “Orlyonok”.

However, to take their children to the mainland – expensive to visit Japan, China and Korea much more accessible for us. This summer our Korean Department participated in the programme in the Republic of Korea and met with Korean music school, which we plan to hold a joint concert. Forces of the Korean office, we traditionally celebrate the Chinese New year. Don’t forget the Slavic tradition: at the end of the school year, after graduation state exams, are holding a holiday “Red hill” with the folklore collectives of the Russian Department. Each year the school takes part in the contest of performers of Russian folk song «Silver neck”.

DSHI “Ethnicity” submitted to the encyclopedia “the Best people of Russia”, we are now preparing the material for encyclopedia “the Wealth of Russia”. I am a member of the Council under the RF President on culture and art, and all matters Patriotic and moral culture that rise to the Council, our school decides. We have so many concerts, what a joke I say: this is not a school, and Philharmonic. But it is very important that the audience needs in folk songs, in returning to ancient origins and traditions. In doing so, our children make an invaluable contribution to the development of national culture.


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