National traditions of Korean art
According to Newsru in the Moscow international House of music opens August 23, the Festival of Korean art. According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Russia Lee Kyu-Hyun,…

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The Most unusual sexual customs and rituals of the peoples of the world
Many interesting and unknown are fraught with traditions of the peoples of our planet. And, it's mysterious and forbidden topic of sex couldn't stay away and naturally, is reflected in…

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International scientific conference on the subject held at the Institute of art studies at the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan

The programme of the forum was held honoring academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Edward Rtveladze Professor, who turned 60 years old. The event was attended by representatives of Oliy Majlis, President’s office, ministries, agencies, diplomatic missions, domestic and foreign scientists, journalists.

Speakers noted the outstanding contribution of E. Rtveladze in the development of historical science, the promotion of cultural heritage of the Uzbek people abroad.

Read scientific reports, reflecting the fruitful activity of Uzbek scientist, but also affected the history of statehood, numismatics, toponymy, urban development and a number of theoretical problems of art history of Central Asia.

The international forum together with the Institute of history of the Academy of Sciences were published over 70 abstracts of reports, which is prefaced by a biographical sketch “About scientific activity of academician E. V. Rtveladze” and prepared by specialists of the Institute of archaeology, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, a special issue (No. 33) collection of essays by leading scientists of the country “the History of material culture of Uzbekistan”, dedicated to this event, research of monuments of Uzbekistan, relations on the silk road.

IA “Jahon”.


Unique discovery has expanded the exposure of the section “Ancient history” Museum of the Khorezm regional branch of the international charity Fund “Oltin meros” (“Golden heritage”) in Urgench.

Who took his place on one of the Central stands a fragment of a ceramic jar at first glance is nothing special. But, according to experts, it may be indicative of at least on multi-millennial history and culture of our country.

— He was found during archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement in the Khazarasp district of the same name, — the Chairman of branch “Oltin meros” K. Nurjanov. — Form of a fragment of a jug with yellow-red color akin to ceramic ware found in the same Hazorasp and Khorezm in other ancient settlements, Elharo, Caparas and Hummus-Tepa.

The attention of specialists was attracted by the mysterious inscriptions on the preserved part of the jar. According to associate Professor of Urgench state University named after al-Khorezmi of candidate of philological Sciences F. Ibragimova, they resemble the writings of the ancient people mihatov, who lived four thousand years BC in Mesopotamia. Mighty had a great influence on the appearance of writing some ancient peoples in Central Asia and, in particular, the Khorezmians.

Unique finding requires more detailed scientific examination and study. But now it can serve as a closeness in the relationships and culture of ancient Khorezm with Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

Timur Samakov.


In connection with the 2,500 th anniversary of Termez published a book called “Chaganian Tarikhi” (“History Chaganian”), prepared by scientists Tashkentskogo Islamic University under the Cabinet of Ministers, Scientific-research Institute of art studies, Institute of Oriental studies named after Abu Rayhan Beruni of the Academy of Sciences.

— From the history we know on our earth in ancient times, there were such States as Sogdiana, Bactria, Khorezm, — said the Director of the Institute of Oriental studies named after Abu Rayhon Beruni academician Muzaffar hayrullayev. — In their composition, there were several areas. In particular, one such area was in Bactria and Chaganian the state, to which belonged a large territory of today’s Surkhandarya region.

The book covered extensively the results of research and archaeological excavations of the last years devoted to the long history of this region, its culture, economy, role in the history of world civilization.


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