The Ministry of culture, sports and tourism
The Ministry of culture, sports and tourism develops and implements a broad range of strategies for the development of culture, art, sports, tourism and religion, in order to ensure society's…

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National dress of Japan
Men's kimono In national dress of any nation reflects its customs and culture. Japan – very unique country and its traditional clothing is very beautiful and her spirit transmission kimono…

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Traditions, customs, people, peace In Japan

In Japan

Japan is striking in its precision and correctness of lines. Neat fields of geometric shapes, neat private houses and even commercial warehouses surprised by its cleanliness

Sakura – the symbol of Japan

The true opening of the country took place in the mid-nineteenth century, when it ended in voluntary isolation. The world was the most unique images of Japan’s majestic mount Fuji, blossoming branch of cherry blossoms, enchanting geishas, a fierce samurai, graceful kimonos, elegant engravings “ukie”, tea ceremony. and much more.

In Japan amazing landscape and beautiful nature. Japan consists of about 6,800 Islands located in the Pacific ocean near the coast of Eastern Asia, their total area is 378 thousand sq km While 99% of the territory consists of four major Islands – Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

What only types of bridges does not contain Japanese dictionaries and tourist signs – chain and arched, and a pontoon boat, cable-stayed and swing bridges, wood and stone. There is even a “magpie” bridge. But to understand what it is, you need to plunge into one of the colorful legends of Japan.

She talks about the mutual love of two stars of Bootes and Weaver, are the Heavenly river – the Milky way. But the lovers did manage to meet. They, according to legend, helped the magpies in. They closed their wings and formed a bridge. Since then, every year on the seventh day of the seventh month appears in the sky “magpie” bridge. Truth to discern it given only to the romantic natures.

The Japanese have a special love and a very careful attitude to their native land. Poetic symbol of Japan was mount Fuji, the highest peak of the country reaching up to 3776 meters. A large part of Japan is located in a warm climatic zone with distinct four seasons. The Japanese love and feel the nature, and in each of the four seasons they find it a unique charm and poetry. Not accidentally, many of the national holidays and traditions are connected with the change of seasons.

Since the modern form of the Islands were formed by volcanic and tectonic activity and its changes under the influence of the coastline, the landscape of Japan with its unique beauty. Through majestic mountain ranges, occupying about three-quarters of the territory, lie narrow valleys. Special scenic valleys give the green hills and abundance of lakes and rivers.

However, life on the Islands cannot be described as idyllic. For the year it drops to 1700 mm of rain – more than in rainy Britain. To this we must add typhoons and tropical storms, tsunamis and earthquakes, which are frequent visitors here. And only remarkable resilience and industriousness of the Japanese people allow the country not only to withstand natural elements, but thrive.


Now Hiroshima is one of the ten largest cities in Japan “Atomic house” in Hiroshima Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture. Population – 1086 thousand people and an area of 737 sq km.

Sites Of Japan

The capital of the shogun (military-feudal ruler) in Edo (modern Tokyo) became the main city of the country in 1603. It was built by all Japan, cutting hills, filling wetlands and shallow water areas of the Gulf. According to the rules of Chinese urban art, which adhered during the construction of the city, to the North must be the mountain, to the South is the vast expanse of water, East river, to the West – highway.

Mount Fuji

Symbol of Japan – mount Fuji Mount Fuji is the highest (3 776 m) and revered in Japan – on a clear day is visible from a distance of 160 km. It is considered one of the two most beautiful conical volcanoes in the world. Fuji – a dormant volcano.



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