Treatment in South Korea


If you are going for treatment or diagnosis in South Korea, the first thing we’re interested in your name, age, contact number. As well as complaints, diagnosis, examination, excerpts, ultrasound images, MRI (preferably on CD), CT. the x-ray.

We, in turn, process and translate the information received, then sent her to a specialist in one or more clinics.

After 1-3 days the doctor provides information about the required examination and recommended treatment, the probable cost and time of stay in South Korea.

If necessary discuss and adjust the medical program and choose the travel date, after which the clinic sends the call.

Now need to book tickets, hotel

Flights from Khabarovsk to Seoul carry out Aeroflot Russian airlines and Asiana Airlines on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. To Khabarovsk from Blagoveshchensk mzhno to reach by train or car.

We help if you need it, book tickets and hotel.

Visa is not required.

Throughout the trip we will communicate with you by using phone and Internet communications.

We do not need to pay. For the tickets you pay to the company or to middlemen, hotel and medical services to be paid on site.

In Korean medicine, there are a number of features that often confuse or surprise an ordinary Russian visitor.

At the entrance to the clinic, you meets a terrible guard in the employ of PSC or grandmother vahtershi, which aggressively begins to offer to wear Shoe covers. Shoe covers here don’t wear, and shoes too. Moreover, you can pass in an intensive care unit, only prodizenfitsirovav hands and removed his upper clothes.

In hospitals completely missing the smell of the hospital, the same smell that is present in the Russian medical institutions even where no one is treated.

After a while there is a feeling that everyone at the hospital goes to work with only one Milu is to help you. And help all they can: to conduct, to advise, to open the door, call a taxi and stuff, stuff, stuff.

Patients are not “chained” to your room, they can safely walk on the hospital grounds at any time of the day, even if your doctor has prescribed the dropper. And as in all large hospitals have a supermarkets, bars and restaurants with different cuisines, coffee shops, pharmacies, patients where there is a walk. After a couple of visits cease to be surprised, having met in a hospital coffee shop, carefree man pushing a rack with a drip in one hand and holding coffee and cheesecake in the other. There is even a special stroller with built-in tripods for droppers, which can be taken to the clinic for rent.

Always and in all hospitals, not only in hospitals, and in subway, railway stations, airports, on the streets, in the stores, there udbye entrances for people with limited motion functions. They are not just there, they are made so that they do not notice, because it is the norm. Can you imagine? Norm, to travel half the city with a pram or in a wheelchair, never when faced with an obstacle. Wide not steep ramps, elevators, special convenient subway cars, lifts.

When you get into the hands of doctors Kreisky, you somehow quickly diagnose and prescribe treatment. And, as a rule, not wrong. Not the last role in this is played by the professionalism of doctors, but also the presence of quality equipments, MRI, CT, (scanners), and the availability of PET-CT is so essential for cancer patients, different rabetaliana equipment for operations and installations of the latest generation for radiotherapy.

In conclusion, I note the high level of service, with permanent bow, expressing respect.






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