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Despite the fact that the international society has significantly changed and is not what it was a century ago, Korea’s traditions are still determined by traditional Confucian patterns of social relations.

The role of Confucianism in the country is still very high. Age and position in society are of great importance. Traditions of South Korea, concerning relations in society, very clearly marked – follow the desires of the younger elders, and people from high social classes – the bosses at ordinary citizens. So in this country has always been simple and now, such laws also apply, although it should be noted that compared with earlier stages in the development of Korean culture, traits such rules are slightly blurred now. So the South Koreans before getting friendly with a new person trying to learn about it as much as possible. In order to determine his demeanor with a particular person Koreans know about his marital status, age, status. And these questions are not asked by them due to curiosity, although of course, not all answer them honestly or prefer to remain silent.

Traditions and customs of Korea. The attitude to marriage.

In order more clearly to understand Korean culture need to know their attitude to marriage.

The wedding is, undoubtedly, the most important event in the life of every inhabitant of this country. Divorce is a shame and stigma for the rest of your life, and not only for spouses but also for all members of their families. Although, modern society takes its toll and, despite sharp criticism of society, more and more couples are officially sever their relationship.

The customs and traditions of South Korea. Behavior in society.

Residents of Korea the people are not very emotional and at the meeting they have decided not to hug or kiss. Usually, it was limited to a handshake. However, as soon as the relationship becomes closer, there may be some familiarity. It should be noted that Koreans have a very negative attitude towards girls that go hand in hand. So to avoid confusion when visiting Korea better not do it.

People who are in close relations, may well in a busy place to get in touch persons – it allows public morality in this country. Although passionate kissing and hugging is still obscene and very educated Koreans would not allow himself such in areas with large concentrations of people.

Meal in Korea goes on the floor, so coming to visit, be sure to take off your shoes.

In country not well in the presence of senior people to stay with bare legs. Always in this case you have to wear stockings or socks.

The norm of behavior in society is when you visit any institution to pay every man for himself (chipped), although if someone was willing to pay for all, nobody won’t mind. Not so long ago, lunch or dinner in Korea was held in silence, but in modern society is valid something to discuss and laugh over a meal. For food you should always thank the hostess or host, which is very highly valued. It is not necessary in Korea to lure a person to his finger or the palm is facing up, as, therefore, in the country, only attract the attention of dogs.

Holidays in Korea.

New Year – 1st January.

Lunar New Year is January 23-25 and February 4-6.

Independence day – 1 March.

Arbor day – April 5.

Children’s day – may 5th.

Buddha’s Birthday – may 1 and may 11.

Memorial day is 6 June.

Constitution day – July 17.

Liberation day – August 15.

Thanksgiving is in mid-September.

Foundation day of the Nation 3 October.

At the celebration of Buddha’s birth (may) hold parades of lights – the sight is very spectacular. At the beginning of September falls in another major Korean holiday – the holiday of Harvest Moon. Also this month you can visit National Festival of Folk Arts and to see how they celebrate Hanjeongsik – feast of Korean culture.


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