The Most unusual new year traditions and customs - the Women's magazine
In Russia New year is celebrated in the night of 31 December to 1 January. In the night of 31 to 1 is celebrated as new year in Australia, the…

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Skiing in South Korea. Ski resorts in Korea: Yong-Peng, Muggia, Sago, Baliwasan, etc
skiing in South Korea There are ski slopes, which has not yet begun to move in Primorsko fans of this sport. First, there just started the "fire" track from snow…

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Prostitution in Japan

“Zero” is a term for prostitutes, which ignorance often confuse geisha.

Speaking of the geisha, one cannot leave aside the second side of the same coin – and after reaching zero . It is with them, i.e. with representatives of one of the oldest professions confuse geisha most often. The word “zero” carries no offensive connotations, but it is not praises his “owner”.

Why confuse geisha and zero? Enough and the fact that geisha and zero lived in a single space Fun blocks. Plus “parentage” of occupations as geisha, and the zero plays a role – and they both pleasuring men, the only difference in the methods used.

The man that comes to courtesans, often wished to save face and the purpose of his visit secret. So originally he came to a tea house ( hikita-Jo ), which had guides to “love” tea houses ( IRO-Jo ). Thus was solved the problem of representation to each other, the real purpose of the men was hiding under a visit to the “tea house” – everything was covered over.

The zero was divided into grades, according to the beauty, glory, skill and, of course, payment. The zero of the first order was called magaki . second grade – Hamasaki . third – give comisa and so on up to fifth grade. Of course, between the extreme grades, the difference was extremely significant.

The position of the courtesan can be judged by its bathrooms and General decoration, which she independently (financially) supported in proper condition, that very often led to debts (Dolgoprudnyi, of course, were the owner of the house of pleasure). So a rich fan, who donated money to their passion, was very helpful.

The selection of girls was carried out as follows: a potential customer was walking through the streets of the quarter Fun, and the girls sat on the porches of the houses behind latticed Windows. Moreover, the Windows are more cheap houses climb up the horizontal bars, so the client was able to predict (at least roughly) their costs. Behind the scenes there was the following agreement: by choosing a girl, you had to follow it, “settling down”. In turn, the girls also had the right to refuse unwanted clients.

The zero became about as well as geishas, ie most of the girls swam their families. Officially it was urgent contract for a few years. To leave the quarter, and by making a large sum of money that, given the huge costs and after reaching zero on themselves and maintaining their status, were to say the least unlikely, but nevertheless possible, especially in the presence of a wealthy patron. If the client fell in love and after reaching zero, he could redeem and marry her.

As already mentioned, the cost courtesans depended on her class. In order of decreasing value, “scale” the zero was as follows:

– Ty;

– mow;

– cubone;

– Santa;

– street girls, girl the maidservants, etc.

Courtesans-Taya cost 58 Momme (about 3000 rubles) at a time (and that’s not counting the mandatory 18 momma for the maid – another 1,000 rubles), and prostitutes of the lowest rank cost around 1 Momme (about 50 rubles(!)). In addition to the direct payment for services existed related expenses – food, drink, tips to the many servants, all of this resulted sometimes in, for example, 150 Momme (8,000 rubles) per night. Thus, a man that contains a courtesan, it could pay for a year came about 29 km (about 580 000 rubles).

In the homes of more low poshiba guest could drag myself through promises of pleasure, to drink and eventually to Rob. In upscale homes, talking about money does not come until the very long as the guest is not escorted to his personal tea house – where he was given an impressive account. He brought with many bows, plus the head is the guest for the morning was clearly not prone to the analysis of multiple figures, so I pay everything and for everything.


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