Korean hanbok

Such different women: Korea

Tashkent is a multinational city. Here you can meet representatives of the most different Nations and, as a rule, differences in clothes you will not see or almost never see.

However, each nation has its own traditions in costumes, due to cultural and social conditions. Have you ever wondered how were traditional dresses of Uzbek women . What costumes were worn by Korean girls . and how did the tradition to weave braids Russian women .

History of national costumes are very interesting, because not all of them stay in the past. Many of them are transformed into modern clothes and find their echo in the works of designers. We will tell you about how looked women of different nationalities – try to look at her roommate with a new angle!

Today we will talk about traditional attire of Korean women . National clothes of the Koreans is called a hanbok and consists of a skirt and the vest. If we translate the name of the costume in Russian language, then literal translation may amuse – literally “hanbok” means “Korean clothing” . simply and concisely.

Hanbok appeared centuries ago when the first plan was practicality and convenience. Because of vehicles in Korea were circulated of the horse, needed a costume that will not hamper the movements, and, moreover, suitable for both summer and winter. It then appeared the first samples of hanbok is broad, comfortable and easy to wear. The difference of winter and summer clothes was in the form of the tissue of which was sewn hanbok: summer thin material, winter – thick and warm. Kind of hanbok hardly changed – thanks to a special cut, in this body covering clothing was not hot.

Subsequently, the hanbok has become ubiquitous Korean clothes and began the division into different classifications of hanbok: different social classes wore different kinds of this costume.

It is interesting that ordinary people could afford hanbok made of cotton or hemp, and (even by law) only light colours. These were usually white, rarely light gray, light pink or pale green.

But what happens now? Despite the fact that modern clothes has supplanted the hanbok, their everyday wear, it has not sunk into Oblivion.

Wear this costume for various holidays and special occasions . Without the hanbok will not do any festival . no wedding . In addition, even children wear hanbok . for example, at various festivals in the kindergarten the children will be dressed in hanbok. Wedding hanbok .

Children’s hanbok .

It was reflected in fashion trends . Many designers use the idea of hanbok in their collections. In addition, several years ago an attempt was made to re-popularize hanbok. Korean costume appeared to be a good mediator between young people and the revival of interest in the culture and traditions of the Korean people. Many young people happily tried on hanbok – traditional and new, lightweight and modern models.

If to speak about the designers, the work of Korean fashion designer Micah Kim hanbok appeared in the form of beautiful evening dresses . and in 2011 in Seoul hanbok, was devoted to a fashion show where you could see the different interpretations of this costume, even from fabric in Scottish cage.

The elements of the hanbok are also used in everyday suits: waistcoats, similar cut skirt, and if you talk about high fashion, there for designers a solid expanse. In costume variety of texture of fabrics, furs, jewelry – and now this traditional Korean clothing is becoming a real work of art.

Hanbok appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, it (and variations on its theme) is worn by a celebrity. It all started with just easy riding clothes and hunting…

About beauty – it’s such a different beauty of female to say. Today we have only begun to tell you about what different women living around the world, and only one in Tashkent.


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