Southeast Asia

The geographical position of South-East Asia. Natural resources. The population, demographic characteristics, ethnic and religious composition. Agriculture in the region. Foreign economic relations. Current recreation and tourism. General characteristics of the economy.

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Geographical position and natural resources of the countries of Eastern Europe. The level of development of agriculture, energy, industry and transport of the countries of this group. The population of the region. Intra-regional differences in Eastern Europe.

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General characteristic of the Republic of Bashkortostan: geographic location, historical development, natural resources, industry and agriculture. The population of the region, its dynamics and composition.Administrative-territorial division of the Republic.

Japan as an island state located in East Asia, with description of flag and coat of arms. Government and religion, the ethnic composition of the population and language climate and natural resources. The industry and agriculture of the country Continue reading

Seasonal holidays of Japan

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The study of the Russian folk calendar, the components of its seasonal celebrations and rites. Systematization of data and description of holidays, their history of formation and pagan roots. The development of materials for the study of national holidays in school.

The connection of the holidays with solstice, equinox, cycles of agricultural work, pagan and Christian foundations of faith. The system of Church holidays. Traditional calendar holidays and ceremonies of Russian people: Carol, Maslenitsa, Ivan Kupala.

The study of the ceremonies and festivals of the Chuvash, their connection with the pagan religious beliefs of the people. Description traditional Chuvash youth feasts and amusements, their compliance with the time of natural cycles: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The historical peculiarities of the nationalities of Transcaucasia, the formation process of indigenous peoples. The classification of ethnic groups. Learning the traditions of the festivals and customs of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia. The study population of the modern Transcaucasian republics.

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Help the kid (Treatment and rehabilitation of the child with cerebral palsy)

“Riverside Spa Land” is one of the best Spa centers for skin care of the feet in Korea. Here you can find massage parlors, sauna, nail salon and much more.

● “Hangingon” (Gold Spa)

Water center “Hangingon” known for their beneficial skin properties. Here you can get all necessary for comfortable rest and care for face and body massage, Spa, Solarium, fitness center, etc.

● “In Spa World”

From ancient times these springs were famous for the healing qualities of its water. In addition there is also an entertainment complex with water attractions, swimming pool and saunas.

● “Jayuro Aqualand”

“Aqualand” – sauna with natural hot springs that uses water from the ground and offering a variety of facilities and services.

● Happy Day

The complex “happy Day” is a centre with saunas, spas, hot springs and other things, and the known fact that water of this source well help in the treatment of gastritis and arthritis.

● Spa Plus

These sources are wide known fact that good for people with visual impairments and problematic skin. You can also visit a traditional Korean sauna “bulgama”

● Caribbean Bay

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Abstract the Economy of South Korea

1 . Brief description.

The Republic Of Korea (Taehan Minguk). Located in the far East, on the Korean Peninsula South of the 38th parallel. Territory: 99,2 thousand sq. km Population: 45,7 million (Jan. 1997). Capital: Seoul (Seoul) — 10.3 million people (Jan. 1998 Administrative division: 9 provinces and 2 cities: Seoul and Busan having the status of provinces. Official language: Korean. Currency: won = 100 conam. National holidays: 15 Aug. The day of the liberation of Korea (1945); 3 Oct. — National Foundation day. Celebrated since 1948 in the memory of the founding in 2333 BC, the first Ancient Korean state of Choson. Diplomatic relations with the USSR installed 30 Sept. 1990 Dec. 1991 the Russian Federation is recognized as the legal successor of the USSR.

2 .Government agencies

The Republic of Korea is a parliamentary Republic. The Constitution, which came into force on 25 Jan. 1988 15 Aug. 1948 South Korea was proclaimed a Republic.

The head of state is the President, elected by universal direct and secret ballot for a term of 5 years. According to the Constitution of 1988, presidential power is significantly limited.

Legislative Continue reading

The Japanese sword: the tradition and the basis of tradition

Is it possible to understand the entity which is encapsulated in the Japanese sword . besides not being a resident of this country? Probably not. Is it possible to evaluate what was possible to do the masters of ancient Japan with iron? Probably not, because it is necessary to be not only a master craftsman, but also to be a magician. Can you master the technology of manufacturing of those swords, which had been the fate of its owners – probably not, since it’s easier to get a new technology more appropriate to our time than to repeat what was given and was lost. But that’s not all, if we talk about the sword of the samurai – in order to check what will attempt to recover the lost knowledge needs time in almost seven hundred years, because those years contain many rare exhibits, causing the feelings to which the name of sword of the samurai.

Leave connoisseurs of Japan and its art, traditions, trends in philosophy, artisans who spent years trying to replicate the masterpieces of ancient masters, description of methods, and other intricacies with which these masterpieces were born.

Let’s talk about the masters, those whose names are preserved in history, those possessing Continue reading

To Be a Korean
Description The Koreans have managed something that is badly failing us. Imperceptibly into our lives came the words: Daewoo, Samsung, LG, Hyundai. South Korea lives among us but remains unseen.…


The Most charming kids at the children festival in Japan
November 15 or during the week, including November 15, everywhere in Japan you can see the incredibly charming, dressed in bright kimonos kids, hurrying with moms, dads, and grandparents to…