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Pan-Asian cuisine in restaurants, bars and cafes of Kiev

Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev

Pan-Asian cuisine Kiev is definitely the new brand in cooking, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Asian cuisine has always attracted, Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions are true supporters all over the world. However, Asian cuisine does not cease to amaze us with its variety and culinary abilities, constantly discovering something new. Today this new is pan-Asian cuisine. The only correct decryption of pan-Asian cuisine, some of them only classifies the countries of South-East Asia and South Asia, some supplements them China and India, and some of them classifies, and Japan. However, the cuisine is primarily Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Korea. It was the kitchen of these countries are in the world culinary revolution, better known as the pan-Asian cuisine.

Pan-Asian food

Interest in pan-Asian cuisine can be explained by the fact that all products of the cooking process and retain its flavor and useful properties. For pan-Asian cuisine is characterized by a peculiar method of preparation. Hot food is cooked in a deep wok. Wok can even be considered a kitchen tool, method, technology of cooking. In this versatile skillet and fry dishes, Continue reading

Holidays Japan

Figure depicting a Japanese schoolgirl Taisho period

The history of Japan is the history mnogoletnego anal of fencing in the entire island nation and continued feil. make the Japanese stronger. It is considered that the name “land of the Rising Sun” was given to Japan by the Chinese, because for them the Sun rises exactly from Japan. And before that, the Chinese called Japan the whale. 倭 or “VA”. Apparently, a grudge against such a nickname, the Japanese took revenge on the Chinese during the Second World War, cutting a few cities, swarm swarming with Chinese. Generally all fans of kawaii nasechek would not hurt to know that traditionally, Japan was a predatory militaristic government, for many years, worn with the idea of world domination and the gut vypushena peoples who do not agree with this plan. Actually, it was the rapacity and militarism and in the end led to nuclear Fox, burnt down hundreds of thousands of Japs by the grace of Pindos in the glorious fortieth. That is, quite rightly so.

The medieval period the country consisted of the samurai. ninja. shoguns and other harakiri, as well as European — knight. the Inquisition and other things, except that for obvious reasons, the Japanese did not ever feel on their skin the dark ages. But of particular interest is the period of raskurivanie. when a simple pindosskiy Commodore by the name of Perry invited the Japanese Continue reading

Autumn in Japan

Holidays and festivals in Japan in the autumn

Numerous festivals and holidays in Japan, associated with the change of seasons will make your trip to this wonderful country truly memorable. Festivals are held almost daily in any part of the country throughout the year. Below are just the main festivals and holidays of Japan, which full list is just endless.

Fall — the time of harvest.

If the summer in many parts of the country lasts until September, then in October in most regions of Japan you can enjoy a refreshing cool autumn days.

Autumn in Japan brings with it a kaleidoscopic variability of the colors of the leaves, whose bright shades of crimson and gold to bronze and yellow paint surrounding hills and mountains in colorful carpets. Comes the harvest season. In rural areas Golden rice fields. Sheaves of grain would soon be gathered in stacks or hung on poles for subsequent drying and processing. Fall of Japan is also a time of numerous festivals, sporting events and cultural events held throughout the country.

Yabusame, – festival of the art of archery on horseback. Arranged in the tsurugaoka Hachiman in kamakura.

The middle of September (within 15 days)

The fifth tournament of sumo wrestlers, Tokyo

Kunti festival of Suwa temple Continue reading

To Be a Korean


The Koreans have managed something that is badly failing us. Imperceptibly into our lives came the words: Daewoo, Samsung, LG, Hyundai. South Korea lives among us but remains unseen. We know little about its inhabitants, who performed the feat

Best review

Korea long remained to me a white spot on the map, invisible next to China and Japan. Quite unfair, considering that with these two it has been for centuries connected: relationship neighbours, not only of the enemy and conquered, but also between teacher and student, countries close cultures, religion, philosophy, literature, good understanding for each other. If morbid interest still pushed to read about North Korea, South, one of the successful “Asian tigers”, such curiosity is not caused, so for this book I was taken, struggling with their own ignorance, but without much joy, and, in General, in vain.

“To be a Korean. “is a collection of essays and articles by the author previously published in “the Seoul Herald” and other journals. On the one hand, it gives a great variation of themes and some chaotic. The other five pages every question is in the focus and therefore remembered. So this book is unexpectedly large! — made me learn what I know had not intended: for example, about the history Continue reading

Korean hanbok

Such different women: Korea

Tashkent is a multinational city. Here you can meet representatives of the most different Nations and, as a rule, differences in clothes you will not see or almost never see.

However, each nation has its own traditions in costumes, due to cultural and social conditions. Have you ever wondered how were traditional dresses of Uzbek women . What costumes were worn by Korean girls . and how did the tradition to weave braids Russian women .

History of national costumes are very interesting, because not all of them stay in the past. Many of them are transformed into modern clothes and find their echo in the works of designers. We will tell you about how looked women of different nationalities – try to look at her roommate with a new angle!

Today we will talk about traditional attire of Korean women . National clothes of the Koreans is called a hanbok and consists of a skirt and the vest. If we translate the name of the costume in Russian language, then literal translation may amuse – literally “hanbok” means “Korean clothing” . simply and concisely.

Hanbok appeared centuries ago when the first plan was practicality and convenience. Because of vehicles in Korea were circulated of the horse, needed Continue reading

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